Think differently

Our vision at RBA Digital is to work with cultural organisations to help you adapt and transform giving you the tools and training to embrace change . Technology and society are rapidly changing and we need to ask ourselves ‘what part are we playing in this change and what can we do?‘ Are we more inclusive and diverse? Are we actively making our tech more accessible and less carbon-hungry?

Web-based technology is part of the change and our mission is to help you explore new ways of doing things. Web-based technologies are the backbone of many marketing and business processes and our role is to look at the big picture across your systems and ask, how can you forge better relationships by using automated systems, AI and importantly websites that work?

We can work with you to take apart your systems and investigate what lurks beneath. This could be examining your old website, CRM, CMS or email system and thinking, yes we can do things a lot better, save money and be more productive.

Latest news

We are have been chosen to be the techinical lead on The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Digital Skills for Heritage programme. This is a very exciting project exploring the key digital questions that small and medium heritage organisations have.

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We are delighted to announce that Paul Blundell will be one of the speakers at the leading MuseumNext Conference 22-24 November 2021. He will be presenting on email automation.

Paul Blundell

Same old?

A new design and user interface

You have a website but it lacks lustre, you can’t track user journeys, you can’t engage and you know it needs a boot up the SEO.

What options do you have?

Start again and spend a load more money? Or perhaps there’s another way, using the tech and skills you’ve already got?

We can work with you to breathe life into your website using rapid prototype testing and user analysis. Following that we can develop new designs and user interfaces.

Integrate your WordPress website with CRM, events, membership and eCommerce software

such as PatronBase, Spektrix and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT.  

Create new functionality for your WordPress website

Plugins are great but can sometimes be unreliable.  Implementing custom coding inside WordPress makes you far more resilient and avoids security issues or the loss of a plugin. You will also find that there are no plugins when you need to connect specific CRM or Mailer systems to your website. We create bespoke functionality inside your WordPress installation to achieve what you need.