AI, digital and automation training

Our vision at RBA Digital is to work with natural heritage, environmental and cultural organisations to help you adapt and transform. To give you the tools and training to embrace change.

Latest project: learn to harness AI
safely, ethically and
with confidence

The rapid advancement of AI can be intimidating but you don’t have to face it alone. We will guide you through simple steps to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to use AI safely and ethically.

Our hands-on training modules, real-world projects, and interactive learning environment are designed to boost your proficiency and self-confidence. By the end of our program, you’ll be equipped with the practical experience and theoretical understanding of AI concepts and tools.

Digital Heritage Hub

Funded by the Heritage Fund this website looks at the most pressing digital questions for heritage organisations. We designed and built this platform for the Arts Marketing Association.


We can work with you to take apart your systems and investigate what lurks beneath. This could be examining your old website, CRM, CMS or email system and thinking, yes we can do things a lot better, save money and be more productive.

AI Training

We offer training in AI for beginners, AI for environmental organisations, and AI and data. Please do contact us for further information. We are currently working on new training programmes.

Paul Blundell

Latest resources

We have created a set of resources for the Digital Heritage Hub:

Where do I start when building a new website?

How to identify audience journeys on your website

How to improve your website to make it more accessible

Create new functionality for your WordPress website

Plugins are great but can sometimes be unreliable.  Implementing custom coding inside WordPress makes you far more resilient and avoids security issues or the loss of a plugin. You will also find that there are no plugins when you need to connect specific CRM or Mailer systems to your website. We create bespoke functionality inside your WordPress installation to achieve what you need.